White cat paw print

Welcome to Cathy's Cattery

Situated in the quiet and leafy town of Ashford, Co. Wicklow, Cathy's cattery is run by Cathy Fortune and her veterinary husband, Garry Fortune. Exclusively for cats, the cattery has no noisy dogs as not to disturb your cat's holiday and provide him or her with a tranquil place. Your cat's happiness is paramount to us and we strive to give them the best attention throughout their stay.

Some of our happy guests

A place of many happy returns, our guests' happiness is our outmost concern and we strive to make their stay an enjoyable and relaxing one.
Clinton in the cattery
Pusscat in the cattery
Shadow in the cattery
Perry in the cattery
Kitty in the cattery
Bonny in the cattery

Rates and Prices

One Cat

10per night

Two Cats

15per night

Three Cats

20per night

Four or More


Additional Information

All cats require up-to-date vaccinations.


Our guests are fed in the early morning and early evening and are fed quality premium wet and dry foods. We feed our guests their normal diet in accordance with their owner's instructions. However, you will need to provide your own food if your cat requires a special prescription diet. Our feline friends are sensitive to chlorine water, so we provide them daily fresh and filtered water.

Cat Carriers & Baskets

Always transport your cat in a suitable secure pet carrier unit. Do not carry your cat in your arms or in any old box. You may borrow a suitable carrier from us should you not have one.

Cats on Medication

We are happy to administer any medication during your cats stay.

Interior of the cattery
Cat sitting inside the cattery cage